Obama - Bush's Fourth Term

I created this poster last night for fun. I’m not a part of the Occupy movement, but if I were, this is the poster I would be carrying. It’s a parody of the famous poster created by Shephard Fairey

I was shocked to hear that something like 60% of protestors would vote for Obama in a general election. That stat kind of highlighted how they didn’t seem to understand the issues they were upset about. Barack Obama in 2012 will effectively be running for George W. Bush’s fourth term.

President Obama has continued or expanded all of the preferential treatments that banking institutions received from the Bush administration. No criminal action or further regulations were proposed by Obama, even when he had complete control of Congress. The President promised greater transparency and less access for lobbyist and didn’t follow through.

It seemed an image of Obama turning his back on his supporters was appropriate. As Matt Damon said “I no longer hope for audacity”.

If you click on the image you can see a larger version of the poster. Of you would like a vector PDF, you can find that here.